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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Anime, Cosplay, Events, Featured | 0 comments

Haruhi Cosplay @ Fan Expo Toronto 2012

Haruhi Cosplay @ Fan Expo Toronto 2012

With all the Fan Expo hype finally dying down, I’m ready to get my blog back on it’s feet, and what better way to jump start my space than my very own first ever cosplay attempt with my girlfriend.

I played as Kyon from the anime Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Judging by his attire, I figured that it would be an easy task. For the most part I was right, but the finding a teal/turquoise blazer proved to be quite a challenge. I ended up finding one at the thrift store Value Village, in the women’s section(yes, it is a women’s blazer!!). The ‘M’ school logo was cut out from iron on fabric and ironed on.


  • Women’s teal blazer from Value Village $28.00
  • Bright red iron-on fabric from Fabricland $1.00
  • Bright red tie from Wal-Mart $20.00
  • Fitted white dress shirt from my closet
  • Fitted charcoal pants from Mexx $40.00
  • Chestnut brown dress shoes from Macy’s $50.00
  • The hair professionally done by my Japanese hairdresser w/ highlights & waxed eyebrows $70 tip incl.

Even though the costume is easily put together, it cost quite a bit of hard earned cash. Definitely worth the attention we received at Fan Expo and the feeling of accomplishment during my first attempt at cosplay.

Here is a photo of my girlfriend’s purchased costume. Some may look down on the fact that costume was purchased, but tons of work was also put into what I thought was simply a base for an eventual completed cosplay.

When you order any type of garment online, it’s expected that minor alternations would have to take place to achieve a perfect fit. This outfit however, required some hard tailoring to look good. From our late night conversations, she was hard at work making sure each piece of the outfit matched her size perfectly. Minor alternations on the bow had to be done as well.


  • Costume from Hello Cosplay $98.00
  • Gloves and kneepads included were oversized, and could not be used
  • Gloves, kneepads, and yellow hairband from Ardene, 3 for $10.00
  • Blue and red ribbons from DOLLARAMA $1.00 per roll (red: top legging, blue: end of glove)
  • The yellow ribbon for that specific color to match the yellow hairband from world sew and fabrics $0.69 per meter
  • Brown flats from Ardene $10.00
  • Wig purchased on e-Bay for $18.00, taken to stylist another $18.00
  • Sword purchased at DOLLARAMA for $1.50, hilt hand crafted to resemble Haruhi’s sword (material & paint)

Our first cosplay experience was a memorable one. You will definitely see more from us. Anime North, anyone?

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