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Posted by on Feb 2, 2014 in Featured, odds&ends | 3 comments

Back from the Void

Back from the Void

I lost what little interest I had in this blog when I decided to quit stomping face in Ragnarok Online and realized that I enjoyed video editing my war footage more than actually blogging. Though 17 months have past without even the slightest update, I kept the server funded and the domain renewed as I continued to ponder what I would make out of this. My return to the .com universe is inspired by many things as of late, though I would likely credit one main source of constant inspiration in recent years. That would have to be my girlfriend of two years and counting, Anna. To kick off my first post in 2014, I will start by sharing a wonderful Christmas present I received from her.


I could already guess that my Christmas present was going to be super creative. She is always thinking outside of the box, and pays attention to every detail in our relationship(I have to be careful sometimes, haha). Sure enough, the song playing alongside the musical album was one of my favourite songs, “Because of You” by 98 Degrees.


She refers to me as MYLOkai, which is my usual gamer name. The name is derived from my elementary school nick name Mylo, and the character Kai from Save the Last Dance. According to my homeboys, he was just like me. And myjaw’s nawt made outta glass!




In the early days of our relationship, we both recently picked up iPhone4S, which is why we kind of went overboard on selfies. Actually, we had a lot of fun on my MacBook as well. I wonder how long it took her to pick out a few shots from the literally hundreds of photos we took. Now that our relationship has matured a bit, we only take selfies once in awhile. Maybe around 10-20 a month. ;3

20140203-004634.jpg 20140203-004657.jpg 20140203-004706.jpg 20140203-004717.jpg 20140203-004726.jpg 20140203-004532.jpg

And yes. She totally got me an iPad for my birthday. I know right? And you know what? This entire blog was done on the iPad using the WordPress App.


More to come! I promise…. maybe 🙂


  1. It’s beautiful *tears

    • I was actually in anticipation of your comment, since you’re one of the few people who actually bother to read this xD


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