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Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Featured, iOS, odds&ends | 0 comments

IPad Air and Productivity

IPad Air and Productivity

I know I am fashionably late to the tablet party, the iPad air being my first entry into the now 4 year old idea of mobile personal computing. I have to admit, I was surprised at Apple’s generosity by including the iLife family of apps, with any iPad Air purchased brand new and registered to an iTunes account for the first time. If only they were as consumer friendly towards the ongoing problem concerning 2011 MacBook pros, re: discrete GPU issues.


iPhoto is a great way to touch up on photos that I take on my iPhone. In fact, the convenience of being able to edit them right away using iCloud actually makes me want to take more photos as I do not have to deal with transferring everything to my MacBook, and opening photoshop just to start. As a hobbyist noob when it comes to photography, I do not want to spend time and effort perfecting photographs, so the iPad allows me to enjoy the hobby for what it is to me. Video editing on the other hand, I prefer to do properly using all the tools that a MacBook can provide. iMovie is just not enough to satiate my need for a perfect edit.


I have yet to try out the other iLife apps, though if my return to blogging as a result from the WordPress app is any indication, I am positive that Pages will assist in my professional life as well. I used to poke fun at Apple Store employees(I refuse to call them geniuses) whenever they whip out their iPads to type out a report for you. It’s a subtle marketing tactic to show you how convenient it is to have the iPad in your workplace. Funny thing is, I can actually agree that it does in fact make many office tasks more convenient when you’re not actually at the office. No longer do I need to either bust out my laptop to check the servers for info, or squint trying to access them on my iPhone.

Is the iPad or any tablet required to improve your productivity? Most likely not as I have survived without it for the last 4 years, but it does make work a lot more fun.

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