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Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Featured, gaming, iOS | 0 comments

Epic Heroes

Epic Heroes

Gaming is an important aspect of my relationship with Anna. Video games are what make up the, “akai ito that originally pulled us together. For myself as a gamer, I take a different approach to the cliche quote.

“Couples who game together stay together.”

That is not to say we are constantly engrossed within our virtual lives. Instead, we simply tone down the frequency in which we game, and both of us are constantly looking for suitable candidates to meet our current needs. For example, around the time we started dating, we were quite hardcore into the highly competitive game Ragnarok Online. Both of our lives weren’t too busy at the time, therefore, we were able to invest many hours grinding, healing, and fighting for our beloved guild Azure Breeze. In the last year, our schedules were filled up with professional obligations in order to further upheave the status of our societal value(what? #HIMYM #paramore). We needed a game we could play together in short bursts of time, due to the societal value upheaval thing I was talking about. I’d like to share with you Epic Heroes, a game we can play together that does not take multiple hours per session.

Epic Heroes Icon
The game has proudly taken one of my iPad’s dock spots.

The game is not your usual CCG(Collectible Card Game) that we have seen an abundance of from Mobage, due to the success of Rage of Bahamut. A different approach is taken where the cards are merely a catalyst to a smart, in-depth role playing game. Some may argue that this game is pay-to-win, and while it may be the case one would have to pony up at least $2000 to short cut your way to the top. This ensures that only a small percentage are completely decked out(assuming they know how to use their $2000) and most of them will be out of the regular arenas to even affect your gameplay. Most players only purchase the monthly rune package for $6.99 which provides them with $99.00 worth of runes over 30 days. Players who choose to enjoy the game completely free of charge are still able to obtain everything the game has to offer, at a much slower pace.

 epicheroesrunes epicheroessurly

The photo(left) above,  shows us that purchasing runes outright is much more expensive than buying the monthly pass and waiting a few days for enough runes. A user on the forums calculated that in order to make a substantial leap forward using IAP, you would require to spend at least $2000 in one day. This system is beneficial to the game as the majority of players are discouraged from going the pay-to-win route and instead learning the mechanics of the game to improve their deck. It has not stopped a small group of cash whales from spending that amount, though nobody has negative feelings toward them due to the immense support they have offered to the developers which will (hopefully) improve the game.
The photo(right) above, is one of the dungeons I was running to farm purple cards for my deck. The skills and attacks take place automatically without any live assistance from the player, but do not dismiss the thought process behind the creation of your team and formation in which you put them in. These intricacies can be the deciding factor whether or not you place top 10 in a world raid, guild dungeon, or win a PvP battle.

Fire Captain MAX Fire Captain Equip epicheroessynergy epicheroesskill 

These four pictures above outline some of the key aspects in building a hero for your team.

  1. Card Screen: Gives you the basic information for your card; HP, ATK, Leadership(points required to add card to your deck), skills, and background story. If it is the base version of the card, it will also tell you which dungeon to farm the card under Location.
  2. Equipment: Every MMO need some equipment farming right?? At least in the of Epic Heroes, most of the equipment you be farming are from raid bosses and guild dungeon bosses. No longer will you need to farm a little bunny rabbit for a 0.01% chance to drop a slotted shield.
  3. Synergies: Each hero that you build will have specific synergies with other heroes. While it might seem like a hero will only be useful in these formations, this isn’t always the case. Fire Captain works very well in AoE heavy teams in order to snipe out 1 target on the first turn due to his very strong single target skill, Pyroblast.
  4. Leader Skills: The chosen hero to lead your team will have their leader skill active throughout battle. You are given 2 free skill research attempts per day(They are random and range from lvl 1-5). Additional research costs 20 runes. This is what eats up most of my runecount T_T

epicheroespvp0 PvP epicheroeswin epicheroescompare

Ah yes, how would any online multiplayer game survive without the end-game virtual realization of meaningless competition other known as PvP. Some games can do; it i.e. Phantasy Star Online, but the most successful online games are wholly based on competitive play. The above set of photos show that you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to be competitive once you’ve learned how to play the game. The card, “Elder Sister” located on the bottom right of my opponent’s formation is the fully evolved card you obtain by spending $2000, and is the only card unavailable for free. Unfortunately for him, having the card does not mean you auto-win against those without it. My formation and team placement was superior to his, allowing me to snipe his Elder Sister down first with my Fire Captain(a tactic I noted previously).


tl;dr This is the game Anna and I have been playing the last few months. It allows us to play together, work on dungeons together, and be nerds together all during our own schedule. If she wants to place top 3 in a guild raid. she would text me to clear the minions for her, and I would do it when I step away from my desk. I highly recommend this game as it is different from the saturated genre of collectible card battle games that iOS is cluttered with. Two friends also play the game with us: Jesus and SAND0. They also have this game for android, but it is outdated and therefore inferior.

Oh and if you decide to try the game out on iOS, use my referral code once you get to Level 10 =) 100518127

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