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Posted by on Apr 10, 2012 in gaming | 1 comment

Current iPhone Addiction… Tiny Monsters!

Current iPhone Addiction… Tiny Monsters!

The game premise is pretty simple. To be honest, it’s not even that great of a game… but it passes the time. Following suit of the well known Dragonvale, or going further back to Smurfs and Farmville, Tiny Monsters is a clone with cuter graphics. While only a mere aspect in the ever evolving scope of critiquing a game, cute graphics can make the difference between me enjoying an iPhone clone or shrugging it off. There is a definitive charm with these cute graphics however, targeted particularly at gamers like me. Pokemon fans.

Gotta hatch em all’




Full Map

1 Comment

  1. Haha. I just started playing that a few days ago due to a free promo thing for angry birds space.

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